Best 2018 Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Soccer Shoes Outlet Sale

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Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Soccer Shoes

The earliest pair of “soccer shoes” with the first two pairs of sneakers was born in 1526. Of course, no one would prepare soccer shoes for the sake of kicking the ball. The owners of this pair of shoes are not ordinary people, but Henry VIII, the second king of the British Tudor dynasty. The king likes weapons, sports and hunting. He exhibited at the history exhibition of the Tower of London in April 2009. He collected a football. It is also the landmark football shoes that Henry VIII created with 8 shillings (the currency unit at the time) that opened the special attribute of the word "football shoes."
Adidas Soccer Shoes predator series that is Falcon series, is Gerald, Barak endorsement. Since its inception, Adidas Falcon has been one of the best selling soccer shoes in the world. "Falcon" is actually a technology of predator football shoes, which is a folding cover tongue. Falcon is the earliest series in the Adi series of football shoes. The Falcon name gives this Falcon football shoe a high-speed, high-accuracy impression. It seems that if you wear this pair of shoes, you can be as fast and accurate as a falcon. The "killing prey".
When adidas suddenly announced the suspension of the Adidas Predator football shoes in 2015, the three bars experienced madness. And each time Adidas's re-engraving of classic Falcons can always trigger everyone's purchase boom, perhaps the Predator Falcon's gold-signed signboard is a huge legacy, or perhaps the new material gives the Predator Falcon rebirth. opportunity. So in all parties hype and Beckham, Zidane and other Predator Falcon Icon level of the hard-charging force to drink, Predator Falcon, the number of fans affecting the names of fans once again become the protagonist of the world. Predator 18 is a return from a mood, and it is a new milestone in terms of technology.
The surface of the sneakers utilizes knit technology, and this knit technology can be said to be adidas' most advanced technology because almost no rubber parts are avoided. In this way, the upper reaches a high degree of unity and is much softer than ace17.1. All uppers are controlskin uppers, the same as ACE 17.1.
The front is the use of 3D knitting technology combined with a stepped design, the material is still relatively thin, so it will look very three-dimensional. The falcon still has no laces, but the middle elastic band is also used.
Convex type design, and compared to the previous style,Adidas Predator FG it can be said that this part of the elastic band has to make some progress, that is, when it is no longer there will be no excessive exertion, but according to the foot type.
The difference with ACE is that the rear of the upper is higher than the front,Adidas Predator 18.1 FG and its material is the same as the material of the elastic band used for the substitute shoelace. This is also one of the changes of the Falcon. Overall, this design improved the sense of package.
The design of the heel can be said to be a characteristic of this Falcon because it uses a combination of soft and hard. The lower part of the gold is harder, while the upper black part is very soft. I think this design is also a very important part that can improve its wearability.
Best Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Soccer Shoes The stud uses a newly developed control frame technology, which is characterized by a stronger sturdiness than the previous design, and therefore increases the stability after putting it on. On the contrary, because of its sturdiness, it also made it harder than before and lacked some flexibility. When it comes to spikes, this spike is a stud height and a tall polygonal spike. Such studs help the athlete perform some quick reversals or some quick offensive or defensive moves. However, because the height of the spike itself is higher, it may be suitable for natural grass or artificial grass with high grass height.