Best Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar x Jordan FG Football Boots Online

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Best Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar x Jordan FG Black

Although the poison front has been praised by Mens Football Boots people from all angles, Nike still improved it. So there will be a Poison Front 2. Inherited the original intention of Poison Front 1, Poison Front 2 super top FG brings you the ultimate in flexibility and unparalleled ball control experience. NIKESKIN fabric to improve the sense of shoes, but also enhance the control of the ball.
Flywire and high collar design,Nike Football Boots provide athletes with better support and a more sense of parcel. The purpose is to improve the flexibility of shoes. Carry ACC technology to ensure that the shoes in any weather and environment can maintain the ball control and shoe warehouse drying. TPU used in the spikes to enhance the strength and durability spikes. Nike shoelace to enhance the site to create a natural shooting area. To ensure that the strength of the players do not lose the door, and the goal is not lost. High-strength nylon and elastomer Pebax combination, without losing the strength of the sole under the premise of improving the flexibility of shoes.
Nike Hypervenom Phantom II The NJR AG-R Poison Front man's man-made grass-fed soccer shoe features a textured upsole design that enhances ball touch and ball handling. Flywire fly line combined with Dynamic Fit dynamic fit collar, plastic superior supportive force and glove-like fit, the new details are striking style to pay tribute to the elite players.
Upper use Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR NikeSkin technology to achieve close coating effect, bring you a natural sense of touch. Nike All Conditions Control (ACC) technology to break through the wet and dry conditions, creating excellent ball control. Rich texture of the vamp, effectively enhance touch feeling. Flywire fly line combined with Dynamic Fit dynamic fit collar, light support effect and excellent fit performance. Molded insole integration into the vent design, providing excellent cushioning while effectively reducing the pressure spike. Pebax® composite nylon outsole provides strong support and quick response.
Product Details: Nike Hypervenom Phantom Sensitive grip pattern combined with toe toe design, effectively enhance the response force. Toe and midfoot parts with blade-shaped spikes, cast a strong grip. Artificial grass (AG) anti-skid spikes designed for the new artificial stadium designed to help passionate Chi appointment.
Artificial turf chassis: Nike Hypervenom lightweight artificial turf chassis equipped with thin two spikes, can enhance the edge grip and relieve the pressure of the forefoot; and heel at the partial pressure liner embedded in the movement can be evenly dispersed spike pressure. In addition, hollow cleats and cushioned heel are provided to enhance the support; additional curved grooves help you to quickly turn during the race; while the mini-grip projection can significantly enhance the lateral support force.