Add a little color. Who doesn't love such black football shoes?

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The black football shoes with black based uppers have been popular for a few years now. For players and players, the mysterious black shoes seem to be less attractive. Brands also seem to be aware of this, in the recent launch of a variety of black boots, by adding a bright color that can be called the "finishing touch" to make small black shoes not dull. If you happen to be not interested in all-black shoes, but there are players who want to catch a wave of fashion, then the following new boots recommended for you today are the best choice for your appetite.

Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 FG football shoes
Real Madrid star Isco is the little black shoe in the training. As a sporting point in the Adidas football shoes family, Nemeziz 18.1 has an eye-catching look that is unforgettable, and the ergonomic mid-collar collar is more comfortable to wear and has a color-changing effect. The bar is even more boring. Want to be yourself a "big name player" looking for a sneaker contract? It would be nice to choose it.

PUMA FUTURE 19.1 NETFIT FG/AG football shoes
Last week, the same sneaker brand was replaced by Boateng, who had just joined Barcelona, ​​although the pair of "Eclipse Pack" color PUMA FUTURE 19.1 NETFIT football shoes and Boateng's small black shoes are still on the outsole color. A little different, and the PUMA Logo on the back, but the super similar color also has a reflective effect, not to mention the current price is really too good for such a new pair of boots.

Nike Phantom VSN AG Pro football shoes
Since Nike launched the new Phantom VNM boots, the original Phantom VSN has been snatched away. However, this situation happens to be in the midst of those who do not want to hit the shoes while advocating low-key players. The low-key and unconventional black/gold color, especially the golden Nike Swoosh, is even better on the black upper. Excellent controllability and the AG-Pro outsole for artificial grass is just that!

Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 MIJ football shoes
Similar to the Nike Black/Gold Matching Dark Boots mentioned above, this black-based color scheme and the release of the “Day & Night” set make the Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 black/silver/yellow color listed last year. MIJ football shoes look so low-key. But for those old-fashioned sneaker players, the black upper with a leathery texture, the shiny silver Runbird logo, the yellow decoration that plays the role of “finishing the finishing touch”, and the gold signboard of Mizuno’s “Made In Japan”. What reason can I think of rejecting it?

Under Armour Magnetico Pro FG football shoes
The new colorless Under Armour Magnetico Pro football shoes released at the beginning of the year also feature a low-key black upper design, but the heel's brand logo, outsole and lining are all in a vibrant green match, making these two-handed boots look Different. Excellent combat performance, low-key and unpretentious appearance, and no worries about the shoes, it is really worthy of the players who are "out of the ordinary".

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