NIKE Premier 2.0 FG is a football shoe that meets the standards of modern football

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If you look at the football game carefully, you will find that the referee's football shoes, adidas Copa Mundial and NIKE Premier are quite high. As the classic boots of their respective brands, in addition to the retro sense of the kangaroo leather upper, it is a test of comfort and reliability. As the sediment of decades of brand history, classic boots have always produced tenacious vitality. Although most of the players in today's professional arena like the new football shoes, there are still some players who have a special liking for the classic boots. In the same year, "Lion King" Kahn loved adidas Copa Mundial for ten minutes; among the domestic players, Cai Huikang, the midfielder of Shanghai Shanggang, also had a special liking for NIKE Premier, and he frequently went to the Super League. Recently, NIKE launched an upgraded product for its Premier series - NIKE Premier 2.0 FG black and white football boots.

As a football shoe that meets the standards of modern football competition, NIKE Premier 2.0 FG still introduces many classic design elements of the brand. The reason why the classic is classic is that it is not enough. For football shoes, "seeing advertising depends on the efficacy." The Premier 2.0 kangaroo leather upper provides the player with a comfortable wearing experience and a superior touch feeling. Compared to the previous generation, Premier 2.0's upper line has been redesigned to be more compact, ensuring support while the upper is supported. The kangaroo leather material presents a high-quality touch. The tongue part, the wider lace area is very friendly to the East Asians who generally have high backs, and the wearing comfort is greatly improved. At the same time, the introduction of the Air Zoom Legend II's folding tongue design has brought the overall value to a new level. Whether it's Ronaldinho's personal exclusive R10 collection and the "Wolf King" Totti's personal custom collection, the fold-over big tongue is a must-have design element. By covering the lace area with a folded tongue, the player can be provided with a flatter area of ​​the ball. The large heel cover of the ankle part and the return of the NIKE logo are a tribute to the NIKE Tiempo Premier launched in 1994. In the commercials of the year, NIKE stars fought the devil in the Colosseum. Finally, the "King" Cantona erected the collar and shot through the goalkeeper. The lens close-up gave this Tiempo Premier. In addition, the full-size TPU outsole is durable and ensures sporty stability. Cylindrical studs provide good steering flexibility and grip. Although it is FG studs, there is no pressure on medium-quality people.

In addition to this classic black and white color scheme, NIKE also offers black/yellow and white/blue color combinations for a price of £95. If you are tired of the new technology bonus of the fancy sneakers, whether you want to experience simple and pure kicking experience or classic design, NIKE Premier 2.0 FG is definitely the best choice from football boots sale store.

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