T90 rebirth Nike launches new Phantom VNM football shoes series

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Nike's enthusiasm for releasing the fire through the new Phantom VNM officially opened the 2019 new shoe release plan. The arrival of Phantom VNM also officially announced the reorganization of Nike's four major series, Nike also took the opportunity to launch a new football shoe set called "Game Over".
The emergence of the Hypervenom Poison Series allowed Nike's prestigious T90 to bid farewell to football, and now Phantom VNM has replaced Hypervenom, and the three series have completed Nike's latest round of handover. Looking at their characteristics, you will find that either the Hypervenom Poison Front or the Phantom VNM retain the DNA of the T90.

As the latest face of Nike, the emergence of Phantom VNM makes up for the vacancy after the absence of Hypervenom. Phantom VNM is designed for those who fight the city's forwards. The main selling point is to regain the strength and precision of the T90 series. The entire Flyknit knit upper is covered with a thin NikeSkin material.
Through this asymmetric semi-hidden shoelace system, Nike Phantom VNM has increased the hitting area by 30% over Hypervenom, greatly improving the area of ​​the shot and allowing the player to control the ball more.

The main reason for Phantom VNM's control of the accuracy and strength of the ball is the black Precision Pwr hitting area in the instep area. This design has appeared on the T90, but this time Phantom VNM has re-improved it, which is similar in shape to the groove on the golf club, providing the best rotational force at the moment of hitting the ball, creating power Full and self-contained shots. The 13 black grooves of the Precision Pwr hitting area are all set to a specific angle and height so that the course of the ball fly line is downward when hitting the ball, not too high to be out of the goal.
A large area of ​​golf face grooves can be seen in the front of the shoe, which are designed for relatively delicate ball control.
Turn the shoes over and let's take a look at the outsole of PhantomVNM. This time, the HyperReactive outsole's eye-catching black decoration accentuates the curved groove of the forefoot of the outsole. This design allows the football shoes to achieve traction in multiple directions. The outsole of other diamond-cut lines is a good example of its sharp side. Studs are mainly V-shaped nails, which provide excellent speed for players.

This is a new series of football shoes created by Nike and the first big move after Nike entered 2019. Although it is a newcomer, people familiar with Nike shoes still have a "natural" familiarity with PhantomVNM. The main reason is that it uses the iconic classic football shoes in Nike's history and combines them with modern technology to create a compelling mix and match style.
It is expected that all the original Nike Hypervenom Poison's spokesperson will be replaced by the latest PhantomVNM this weekend, including Red Devils Manchester United striker Rushford, Bundesliga Babel's Lewandowski, women's football girl Alex Morgan and Tottenham's head card Harry Kane.

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